Revolutionize Your Life and Practice with Virtual Reality Art Making by Jeff Lohrius

Revolutionize Your Life and Practice with Virtual Reality Art Making

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As an Arts Therapist, what if there was a way to FREE UP the ENERGY, TIME, and SPACE to...


but ALSO...


What if you could have an improved sense of SPACIOUSNESS & LIFE BALANCE...

A shift from the overwhelming pace and demands of modern life that leave you feeling depleted and spread thin...feeling like your just moving from one task to the next in a never-ending cycle. 

What if there was a MAGIC DEVICE that allowed you to...

CONNECT instantaneously with ANYONE, ANYWHERE, using your body's natural MOVEMENT, GESTURE, and VOICE...

How would your LIFE CHANGE if you could...

  • SAVE MONEY on vehicle / gas expenses and TIME commuting / sitting in traffic.

  • SAVE MONEY on physical office / studio expenses.

  • Take your BODY & SENSES with you when conducting sessions remotely.

  • Be PRESENT in the SAME SPACE with clients, making art together when conducting remote sessions.

  • CO-CREATE this space and a visual identity as part of the therapeutic process.

  • Create art and EXPERIENCE, EXPLORE, ENCOUNTER the work in 3D SPACE, TOGETHER with your client, from ANYWHERE.

  • GAIN the TIME, SPACE, & ENERGY to do your work remotely while feeling CONNECTED, PRESENT, and EMBODIED.
  • BROADCAST YOURSELF  to colleagues or clients using an expressive virtual self with access to cameras, screens, lights, and microphone INSIDE VR.

  • CONNECT with others from around the world while visiting destinations & environments both real and imaginal. 

  • Gain SUPERPOWERS such as viewing virtual Earth while floating in space then flying into your hometown within seconds.


It's called VIRTUAL REALITY and it's TRANSFORMING all domains of human life.

As a husband and father,
artist and graduate trained art therapist,
mentor, lecturer, author, & advocate for the power of therapeutic art making, VR has changed my life.

Now I want to give you the experiential KNOWLEDGE, FRAMEWORKS, and RESOURCES to UNDERSTAND, APPLY, and ACQUIRE Virtual Reality equipment and art making tools to change your life and your client's lives as well.   

Hi my name is Jeff (well I guess more like virtual Jeff ;)

During my Graduate Art Therapy internship I thought I was realizing my dream. I placed at a great site, serving the population I love working with, and was in the right place at the right time...

The staff were seriously into The Secret and had been getting their manifestation on, big time! They were awarded a large grant and helped make my vision of a digital arts therapy program a reality. I was on cloud 9...

It was amazing to introduce adolescents that we served to painting with a graphics tablet, biofeedback, and animation. Then reality hit and I quickly realized I HAD PROBLEM...   

I'll never forget the fateful snowy day when I finally hit the wall. The hour and a half commute both ways, a full case load, classes and work, thesis, plus meeting my wife and falling in was all too much for me.

I contacted my clients to let them know I wouldn't be able to make it in. My site didn't get the message...and they happened to be considering me for a position that day (they "got the message" after that)

I managed to graduate by the skin of my teeth (yes, locking my keys in the car miles down the road and getting to the ceremony without a second to spare was a perfect reflection of my experience ;P)

Since graduating, my practice is to live a full, healthy, & balanced life.

I'm married to a beautiful, supportive, and dynamic wife that serves a full therapy practice and her family.

I've also been blessed with an opportunity to be very active and present in parenting my amazing daughter.

Living in beautiful Boulder, CO gives me access to majestic mountains and natural wildness & wonder right outside my door. 

Although I feel true to my practice in these areas, I’VE STRUGGLED to find the TIME, SPACE, and ENERGY in others such as... 

  • connection with friends
  • culture and travel
  • continued learning / growth
  • creativity / art making
  • community service

...and work aligned with my desire to promote well being and personal transformation in myself & others through art and the creative process.

Virtual Reality has helped bridge the TIME, SPACE, and ENERGY gap between my limited and Whole Self.

VR can’t replace reality.

It can augment, activate, and approximate human connection, community, and creativity.

Through VR, I’ve been able to:

  • engage using embodied expressions and gestures with friends and people I’ve encountered from all over the world.

  • travel to and feel present in far away locations all over earth as well as imaginal realms only made possible through VR.

  • learn in new ways such as using a memory palace / method of loci (loci being Latin for "places") within virtual space.

  • support others and take interest in their lives when traveling to various social VR worlds.

  • be present, meditate, and relax for self care in beautiful locations such as mountains, temples, and rain forests with access to personal guidance across many wisdom traditions.

  • create in profoundly new ways within 3D imaginal space

Now I want to share with you everything I've learned over the past several years exploring, connecting, and creating art in this new medium.

Over the course of 12 Modules you will gain an understanding of the entire process of implementing virtual reality art making into your life & practice.  

Module 1: Introduction to Virtual Reality Art Making

  • VR adds presence and immersion to the experience of making and contemplating artwork. Learn the Creative Continuum, my framework for thinking about virtual reality within the context of art history / other art forms as well as in service of an initial idea / symbolic equivalent on the journey towards formed expression. 

  • Understand the two levels of virtual reality available to experience: low level and high level. Both are useful and compelling for art therapy in the following ways: viewing virtual reality art and creating it, respectively.

  • Experience virtual reality art immediately through the various websites and apps available for your smartphone that host VR artworks. We will explore all the options available and how to use them.

  • BONUS!: your own Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer will be mailed to you so that you can have the ability to view the VR artwork not only through the screen / window of your phone, but also in spacial 3D! With it, you will be able to not just view but experience the scale, volume, brushstrokes, and animated qualities of VR forms.

Module 2: Virtual Reality Ecosystem

  • Gain knowledge about the virtual reality technology that is available on the consumer level and how it has evolved to its modern form today. 

  • Understand Facebook’s mission to put human connection & relationship first when informing their design choices and how that has allowed them to revolutionize the virtual reality landscape, much like Apple did with the IPhone.

  • Learn how Facebook's accessible ecosystem also extends to supporting and empowering creativity through their initiatives to fund and develop their own art apps and make sharing artwork seamless and connected across all of their platforms.

  • Compare the various equipment and setup options there are for getting started with virtual reality. We will explore the different initiatives that Facebook have supported to get a diversity of populations access to VR headsets and software.  

Module 3: Virtual Reality Art Apps

  • Explore the large range of choices and the amount of high quality, expressive, and robustly featured VR art-making apps that have already emerged within a short period of time.

  • In engaging with and exploring many of these tools, I have distilled down what makes a compelling and creative tool for art-making and art therapy into several properties. Learn the qualities that make up a good VR art app.

  • Topics covered include:  multiplayer / shared VR Space, playback and sharing options, robust tools, intuitive UI, navigation, reliability, flexible assets, digital art advantages, support, and community.

Module 4: Virtual Reality Drawing & Painting

  • Creating spacial VR art allows you to experience, explore, and walk around your creations while feeling connected and embodied. This module is the first of several to explore apps that emulate specific mediums and how they are both similar and different to their real world counterparts.

  • Experience demonstrations of drawing and painting apps Tilt Brush, Quill, and MasterpieceVR. Features, strengths, and weaknesses will be explored using the Qualities System we explored in Module 3.  

Module 5: Virtual Reality Sculpting

  • Experience demonstrations of sculpting apps Medium and Blocks. Features, strengths, and weaknesses will be explored using the Qualities System we explored in Module 3. 

Module 6: Virtual Reality Animation

  • Experience demonstrations of animation apps AnimVR and Tvori. Features, strengths, and weaknesses will be explored using the Qualities System we explored in Module 3. 

Module 7: Virtual Reality World Building

  • Learn how to bring your VR spacial drawings, paintings, sculptures, and animation together into a realtime virtual reality experience

  • Using accessible methods such as toolkits and templates, understand how art assets can be brought into a free game engine for compositing, effects, and adding interactivity.

  • Several examples will be demonstrated while exploring potential therapeutic frameworks and directives

Module 8: Virtual Reality Avatars & Social Interaction

  • Explore the implications of the fluidity of perspective, self identity and representation when creating and interacting as avatars in various social VR worlds.

  • Understand the spectrum of possibilities from very abstract to very realistic and how different customization options effect self perception and image.

  • Discover the dynamics of virtual social interaction and how different social worlds approach group dynamics, boundaries, and ethics.

Module 9: Virtual Reality Art Interventions

  • Identify attributes that allow the art therapist to leverage and consciously create conditions and directives that play into the strengths of VR.

  • Therapeutic qualities of virtual reality we will explore include: presence / immersion in vr space, shared vr space, scale, body movement, physics, and perspective.

Module 10: Virtual Reality Art with Different Populations

  • Bring together all the previous module’s knowledge to brainstorm vr art based directives / interventions for various populations.

  • Some of the combinations we will explore are: 
  • Attention Spaces  / ADHD
  • Memory palaces / Elders & Hospice Care
  • Stimulation Modulation / Autism Spectrum
  • VR  Holding Environments / Repatterning Attachment
  • Scale / Fears & Trauma
  • Psychorealism and Isomorphism
  • ...and your ideas for directives

Module 11: Virtual Reality Art Accessibility

  • Learn what accommodations can be made through augmentation and adjustments to several features of VR equipment  such as the headset and hand controllers.

  • Explore guidelines that Facebook uses to implement and improve accessibility for populations that require it for both equipment and app engagement. 

Module 12: Virtual Reality Art Making Practice and Ethics

  • Learn to facilitate a therapeutic VR experience through following the steps for getting clients inside and immersed in the VR world, feeling comfortable with the equipment and free to move and create.

  • Understand ethical concerns such as privacy, safe and secure file storage, online sharing, recording / publishing / displaying client artwork, informed consent, working remotely, and health / safety when using VR.

Course Project: Gain access to equipment through one of Facebook’s initiatives

  • The ultimate goal of this course is to support you in acquiring a high-end Oculus / Facebook VR system for your practice. Towards that end, I will walk you through Facebook's various initiatives: Oculus Start, VR for Good, and Launchpad. These three programs share the same goal: promote and empower diverse voices to gain access to VR tools. I will be available to guide you in our private Facebook community towards applying for any and all of these initiatives. 

  • If you are interested in purchasing high-end VR equipment immediately, I will guide you towards the best options available. The release of the affordable, wireless, all-in-one Oculus Quest in 2019 will be the most compelling and accessible way to use VR with clients.    

BONUS 1: Google Cardboard

Your own Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer will be mailed to you so that you can have the ability to view the VR artwork not only through the screen / window of your phone, but also in spacial 3D! With it, you will be able to not just view but experience the scale, volume, brushstrokes, and animated qualities of VR forms. 

BONUS 2: Private Facebook Community

When joining the course you will be granted access to a private Facebook community / group page that will be a way to connect, communicate, and find support with myself and other course members. Once a week I will have "virtual office hours" from within VR on our page where you can ask me questions on Module material, applying to one of Facebook's initiatives to acquire equipment, or anything you need support with.  

BONUS 3: Additional Presentations

  • Virtual Broadcasting & Character Puppeteering

  • Bonus presentation covering the therapeutic potentials of the virtual broadcasting apps Facebook Spaces, Mindshow, and Flipside.

  • Engage, dialogue, and interact through a personalized avatar or puppeteer various characters to create a scenario using environments and objects to bring it to life. Then broadcast or record the scene.

  • Virtual Reality Health and Wellness Apps

  • Bonus presentation covering various virtual reality apps for meditation, spiritual practice, journeying, and stress relief.

  • Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, & Biometrics

  • Bonus presentation covering various other experiential technologies of interest to art therapists / therapeutic facilitation. 


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I provide training, resources, & inspiration to use Virtual Reality for creativity, wellness, & therapy.

Welcome to my digital storefront! Creative arts therapists / wellness practitioners can find online courses & training products to guide them in integrating virtual reality art, film, & experience creation into their practice / toolbox.

I also offer a monthly, pledge based membership that provides a glimpse behind the scenes showing my current virtual reality art-making, film, & experience creation workflows & ideas.  


What are the course logistics?

  • The course will launch in 2019

  • Once you enroll, you are granted lifetime access / upgrades as I build and evolve the course over time

  • The cost is $297 or four monthly payments of $75

  • Cost will go up $100 at Six Module and Twelve Module / complete release milestones respectively

  • Each module will contain several videos and a workbook with written content and resources.

  • Once you enroll, you can email me your mailing address and I will send you a Google Cardboard VR viewer to use with your smartphone.

  • Once you enroll, you will be added to the course private Facebook Group. I will be answering any questions and concerns in the community group as well as doing weekly "virtual office hours" (day and time to be announced).

What outcome will I get from the course?

  • Gain competency in a new art medium that speaks to contemporary clients / digital natives

  • Understand the process for setting up VR art tools in your own practice / program / agency

  • Understand considerations of conducting a VR art session

  • Know the strengths and unique qualities of the VR medium to leverage in treatment planning and intervention

  • Gain a complete picture of what art applications are currently available and applicable to therapeutic facilitation

  • Get support with applying to acquire VR equipment from one of Facebook's VR initiatives.   

What challenges does the course address?

  • Technology doesn't have to be intimidating. VR art making allows for direct, natural, full body art creation. I walk you step by step through the equipment & process

  • It can be challenging to reach contemporary clients with traditional media. The VR medium opens the door to more engagement and sense of familiarity for digital natives which can lead to more successful therapeutic outcomes.